Monday, 30 January 2012

Woolly Mammoth Clone

Got myself a 'clone' of the Z-Vex Woolly Mammoth bass fuzz pedal. I know some would regard such a thing as depriving V-Vex of money and even try to claim some none-existent copyright infringment, but frankly when the original costs £250 and the clone cost £45 there's no contest really.

Rather pleased with it really, it means that I can now have the nasty buzzsaw type fuzz that I always felt my Bass Big Muff lacks. The EQ, admittedly, doesn't do an awful lot as far as I can tell and the fuzz control only makes a difference in the last 10% of its turn but I still like it.

Woolly Mammoth Clone

Bass Effects Rig

Monday, 16 January 2012

Columbus EB-3 Switch Replacement

Put the new switch in my Columbus EB-3 today.

Works a treat, actually being able to properly switch pickups makes a lot of difference and the bridge pickup comes through a lot more, suggesting dodgy contact in the original switch (but then it was nearly 40 years old so not surprising really). Also my best soldering job yet, big thanks to Mr. Foxen for the solder recommendation... lead solder really does flow a hell of a lot better.

Next on the list is buggering about with coil splits on the Retrovibe RV4. Have heard that using one of the tone pots as a variable split for the neck pickup and wiring the other as master tone works a treat so I'll have a go at that as it means spending no money (which is good as I'm unemployed. Again.)

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Quickie - Columbus EB-3 Thumb Rest

Added a thumb rest to my Columbus EB-3 copy, meaning I can finally play it in my proferred position without having to have my right hand completely 'floating'.

Columbus EB-3 Thumb Rest

Also got a switch to replace the busted one it has already.

Monday, 2 January 2012

I've Got The Power

Turns out you can get 9v power supplies with tip-positive 3.5mm jack connectors from Maplin. Finally I can use my EHX Bassballs and Dunlop Crybaby without dicking around with batteries.