Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Retrovibe RVT-40

Well, it works perfectly! The sound is so much clearer and definitely a bit more Rick-like when I have the settings right.

Can't wait to test it at band volume.

I may do a recording at some point.

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Carlsbro PA60 Blues and Retrovibe RVT-40

The Carlsbro amp still isn't working. Having sorted the filter caps and the HT fuse (which it turns out needed to be slow-blow) the choke resistor (basically a great big resistor that sits between the power transformer and the rest of the circuit) is duff, smoking when the power's on and reading about twice as much as it is supposed to. Sigh.

I've also rewired my Retrovibe RV-4 to roughly approximate the wiring of a Peavey T-40 bass. Thus, Retrovibe RVT-40. I got all excited when I finished it and forgot to get a picture of the wiring, but here's the outside of the bass with classy-looking new knobs and a wee switch that does phasey stuff to the bridge pickup (in theory) and the T-40 wiring diagram.

Retrovibe RVT-40

I can't test that it works until tomorrow, on accout of it being quarter to eleven at night... but once it is tested I'll report back either in celebration or lamentation.