Sunday, 29 July 2012

Recent Purchases

It's all go here chez Dreadful... at least planning-wise it is...

Recently got a Crafter Junior guitar neck off eBay to go with the Squier Strat body I got off Mr. Foxen. The neck pocket will need to be made a little bigger but that's not a huge issue. Also going to get some Nitromors or somesuch soon to remove the 'burst finish and once that's done FiL will help me out filling the trem cavity and sorting out the channel someone thought it'd be awesome to chisel between the control and jack cavities. Electronics and hardware plans have already been covered here if you're interested.

And I'll soon be getting another bit of wood from eBay, this time a Flying V-style bass body (which may or may not include bridge and tuners). £21 including postage seems a pretty damn good deal to me. That's going to either get soapbar pickups or I'll fill in the pickup cavities so I can put P-bass style split coils in.

So now I'd best start budgeting for all the other parts I need.