Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Non-Guitar: Permanent Job

Well, hopefully the coming months will see a lot more activity from Atomic Tangerine as I have today accepted a permanent role with the company I am currently temping at.

A slightly greater disposable income from a non-temporary role means I can buy parts more regularly and maybe even branch out into doing gear reviews and stuff.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Flying V Bass Body

Further to previous posting I have now received the Flying V bass body. It's in pretty good nick overall, and seems to be made from a decent, solid hardwood (Not sure what type. Looks mahoganyish).


The previous owner has already had a go at removing the existing finish, which will make it a bit easier for me to strip the remainder and get some decent laquer on.

This project is likely to cost a bit, as cheap aftermarket bass soapbar pickups and non-Fender-style necks don't really exist so it's most likely that I'll be going with Seymour Duncan or maybe Kent Armstrong for the pickups and unless a better alternative presents itself Warmoth for the neck. Seeing as how everything else is going to have to be a more expensive option I might as well get a Hipshot bridge as well. And then this'll become my main bass so I can damn well get my money's worth from it!