Thursday, 29 November 2012

Hondo II Rickenfaker

Regular readers will be aware that I'm quite keen on the aesthetics of Rickenbacker 4000 series basses, but less keen on Rickenbacker as a company, so I compromise by being into so-called Rickenfakers.

Yesterday I bought a Hondo II Rickenfaker (not sure what the actual model name is) that needs quite a bit of TLC; at the very least a new switch, replacement machineheads, and a lot of cleaning.
Hondo II - Headstock Hondo II

 It looks awesome. And is far closer in apperance to a 'proper' Rick than my Retrovibe RV-4.

There are more pics over on Flickr.

Now it's lunchtime, and I'll start the cleanup this afternoon.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

For Sale - Jackson KVX10 with Hardcase

I have been trying to sell this for bloody ages. I'm more into more classic/retro styles these days, so don't really play it much. This is the very guitar the scammer I blogged about claimed they were interested in.

Jackson KVX10 - For Sale

I'm after £250 or thereabouts for it. I will consider dropping the price if the request is reasonable and you're willing to haggle. Demanding I knock £100 off and then refusing to budge will just make me judge you.

It's on eBay, but to be honest I'd rather deal direct. Email me if interested (that is not my real email account, because of aforementioned scammers).