Friday, 22 June 2012

Quickie: Plasti-Kote Polyurethane Spray Paint

It would appear that I have found the way to refinish those guitars that just aren't quite good enough to need nitro lacquer.

Friday, 8 June 2012

New Gear: Behringer BDI21

Behringer BDI21

So, just before the Julibee weekend I ordered a Behringer BDI21... I'd heard good things about it but being aware of Behringer having a somewhat less than awesome reputation for build quality I was a little wary, but eventually decided that at just over £30 including postage it wasn't going to have a huge impact if it just turned out to be a box of useless electronics.

I picked it up from the local Royal Mail depot today.

It's isn't just a box of useless electronics.

The basic test rig was my Retrovibe RV4 running via the BDI21 into my Peavey Firebass 700 head and Thee Cab ov Elvis. With everything plugged in I set the EQ on the Firebass flat, set the BDI21 to 'Fat Tube'*, plucked a couple of notes using only the dry signal, and turned it on. Lovely. The sound was immediately fatter and warmer than anything I could get with the Firebass alone (which, while awesome, is woefully solid state at times) and even at low volume there was a satisfying rumble that I could feel through the floorboards. The 'SVT' and 'Solo' settings are also pretty damn cool, so I don't feel compelled to spend loads of time fiddling to try and get a perfect sound out of it (though I'll probably do that anyway). Adding in some Mids at the Firebass rounded everything out nicely.

Next up was adding the good ol' Bass Big Muff to the chain and seeing how that fared in line with the BDI21. Wow. Just... wow. Amazing sound, head and shoulders above anything I can get out of the Big Muff going straight into the Firebass. Where before it was cool, but at the same time somewhat muddy and lifeless, now it is satisfyingly mean and growly with decent definition even with the Sustain on max. Disappointingly the Woolly Mammoth clone doesn't fare so well, and the Bassballs barely seems to do anything at all.

Would definitely recommend the BDI21 to others, it's bloody fantastic.


Sunday, 3 June 2012

Joe's Guitar

Finished and set up. Sounds pretty good.


On the fragility of plans...

Guitar build may yet end up being a bass build.

If it does it'll be a kind of Rick/P-Bass hybrid. But with extra P in the form of a second pickup closer to the bridge. Contoured Rick-style body, P or maybe even J neck, not sure exactly what hardware or controls as yet.

It'll be called a 'Rickecision' because 'P-Rick' was funny for exactly as long as it took me to type 'P-Rick'.

Friday, 1 June 2012

Behringer BDI21

Just ordered one of these, as there's no way I can even remotely afford any SansAmp gear right now but I want to get in on the analogue valve amp emulation bandwagon.

More when I've got the thing and have had a chance to play with it.