Sunday, 20 October 2013

Peavey Roadmaster - Welp...

So, that possible solution wasn't any sort of solution.

Which leads me to the bit I'd been putting off, getting out the multimeter and painstakingly testing all the resistors.

A long time and a lot of mumbling, headscratching, and messaging Mr. Foxen on Facebook I have identified two resistors that I get no reading from, and one that is about twice the value that shows on the schematic.

This puts the potential cost of fixing the problem into the dizzying heights of about £1.50.

I really hope this is the fix I need, otherwise it's time to get experts involved.

Peavey Roadmaster - The Saga Continues

Had the lid off the Roadmaster again yesterday. Cleaned the hell out of everything I thought needed cleaning. Refreshed all the solder joints. Lugged it back upstairs, plugged it in and... still fizzy, crappy overdrive on the lead channel.



It appears there might be a solution.

Turns out the effects loop might be causing a problem, as even though I never use it, it's still gonna get dirty and corroded and because of the way these things are wired that might cause signal loss. So as soon as the house is awake and caffeinated I will begin diagnosis and, hopefully, I might be able to fix this problem without taking the damn thing apart again.

Effects Loops: a Problem Waiting to Happen on Diabolical Devices