Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Been A While...


The home-made bass project is slowly taking shape. FiL just needs to fix his router bench to the garage floor to stop it vibrating too much, then we can do the neck pocket, and pickup & control cavities.

I'll be using a Warman Dominator in the bridge position, a Warman P-bass in the middle/neck position, and the controls will be a fairly simple 2 volume, master tone setup.

I'm also planning to re-wire my Epiphone G-400 custom so it works better (the previous owner's wiring job was massively ham-fisted). Controls planned are: two volume, passive two-band tone controls (one standard treble roll off, and one bass roll off), and coil split (as the switches are there but not wired in I might as well use them!)

Sunday, 5 June 2016

Peavey TNT 150

Finally got the £20 non-working TNT 150 on the bench.

Replaced the cap and rectifier (forgot to take photos), chassis back in, speaker reconnected, flick the switch... no loud pop followed by constant hum, which is good! Sound when plucking a string is fizzy, barely audible and when above 1 on power amp volume (regardless of pre level) lights up the speaker protection LED.

So the two options are there's still something wrong with the amp, or the speaker's blown. Given the condition when I got it the latter is more likely, but kind of want the former as that's a cheaper fix (though it takes more effort!).

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Playing - Marlin Sidewinder

New strings, bit of Servisol in the pots and pickup switch... and the bridge lifts like a really lifty thing.

Take the backplate off and find the claw holding the crappy, corroded springs has been screwed in as much as it can be... blocked the trem with a bit of scrap wood so I could at least tune and play it.

It's definitely a very good instrument for what it is... plays nicely, okay sound, not too much noise from the single coils. Longer term it would benefit from new electronics but there's no rush for that; first priority is getting new trem springs so I can take the block out and use the full potential of the instrument, figure I might as well get Floyd Rose springs as the bridge is basically a Floyd knock off.

This is now the only instrument I own that's tuned standard E-e... had a fun morning making a complete balls up of classic thrash and NWOBHM riffs!

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Freebie - Marlin Sidewinder

Yesterday I got this from my mum, who'd got it from a friend who was giving it

It's a Marlin Sidewinder, mid-80s guitar aimed at wannabe shredders on a tight budget.

The strings need replacing and the electronics need some TLC, but it plays quite nicely and feels comfortable on the strap. This is definitely a keeper.

Thanks mum!